Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Blowing my own trumpet - #1

On the one hand I don't want to boast, but on the other hand there are a couple of things I am proud of at the moment and thought I would take the opportunity to share. If only to record them for posterity.

First, I am presenting at the UK Oracle User Group UNIX SIG in a few days time (Thu 22 Sept) on Queueing Theory. I thought I would volunteer for something in the spirit of giving back, and was pleasantly surprised when they accepted my submission. Nothing revolutionary in the presentation itself, but its nice to know that I have something useful to offer others.

Second, I answered a question posed on Richard Foote's blog the other day and was again pleasantly surprised when he said I got the answer right. "Spot on" was Richard's reply. Which was a nice surprise. I expected to be close but I also expected to have missed something out somewhere. That's the danger when you quickly reply to a question posted on the web, which becomes obvious when someone else points your mistake later. But this time I got it right.

Back to normal posts later,

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